Oct 26, 2011

RC Tampere-Jussinkylä


Top performance in recruiting IGFR members
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We have many countries with less than 20 IGFR members, but since end September 2011 there is one Rotary Club with 20 IGFR members! This would be good enough for the Guinness book of records, but we prefer to publish it on our new web site, our new communication platform.

The RC Tampere-Jussinkylä, Finland is the first RC in the history of IGFR to have 20 members, most of them Life-time members. The RC Tampere-Jussinkylä is a club of 72 all-men-members. 40 of them are good golfers. IGFR is lucky to have in this club Antero Paalanen, a keen golfer, a PP and also PP of the Nokia Golf club nearby. Thanks to him we got 20 IGFR members from his club these last few months. The President of the Club, Reima Wiskari, also encourages his members to join IGFR. There is still potential in this RC.

Let us welcome the new IGFR members and congratulate and thank Antero Paalanen and Reima Wiskari of the RC Tampere-Jussinkylä.

I am sure that all of you coming to Crans-Montana in early July 2012 will be able to meet most of the members of the Finnish Delegation and participate at a Finnish night.

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