Nov 25, 2011

IGFR Lithuania


Until the European Championship IGFR end of June 2011 in Tallinn/Estonia, Lithuania did not exist on the IGFR map.
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Thanks to Mindaugas Glinskis, a dynamic 32 year old Lithuanian, member of Rotaract from 2000-2007, with a degree in Transport Engineering and Business administration, member of the RC Vilnius and the European Golf Club near Vilnius, there are in the meantime already sufficient  Rotary Golfers in Lithuania to hold tournaments. They held their first charity golf tournament this summer. Some weeks ago Mindaugas Glinskis formed IGFR Lithuania. Congratulations! In the meantime, IGFR Lithuania has been mandated by the Nordic countries to organize the Nordic Championship in the Baltics 2014 (Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). 

The web site of IGFR Lithuania ( is for the time being only in Lithuanian language, but Mindaugas promised to have the news translated into English as from 2012, so that our members can follow the development ofIGFR Lithuania.


We wish the IGFR Lithuania every success for the future and welcome them in the IGFR family.


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