Jan 20, 2013

Big events in 2013


We are particularly proud to announce that  the President of Rotary International, Sakuji Tanaka will participate at the opening ceremony of the IGFR European Championship in Estoril/Portugal on 18.6.2013. Since the inception of IGFR 50 years ago we had no longer a President of RI attending. 50 years ago it was Carl Miller, President RI and founder member of IGFR, together with Gavin Reekie, then Governor of D 101.  St. Andrews is in this district.


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I hope many of you will come to Estoril/Portugal to attend the IGFR European Championship and shake hands with President Tanaka. Fernando Oliveira, Chairman of the organizing committee will be delighted to accept also Non-European-IGFR members for this championship. Please refer to their web site for registration.

With regard to the world championship in September in the regions of Garda Lake and Franciacorta, I would recommend to register as soon as possible, since the demand is big. During the world championship in Northern Italy we will celebrate  the 50th anniversary of IGFR International with a special event. Please refer to their web
site: http://www.igfr.gardalake-franciacorta-italy-2013.com/fr/registrazione.asp if you want to participate at a memorable IGFR world championship – a combination of golf and culture, Italian culinary specialities and top wines and above all, Italian service.

The next world champion will be the best net score of Div. 1 + 2 at the IGFR world championship, combined results of the three days. This rule was introduced some years ago.
In recent years Rotary Golfers with approx. 12-16 hcp. became world champions. It will be a matter of time until a lady Rotarian will be for the first world champion. Lady Rotarian Golfers joined IGFR for the first time in 1992. The Trophy of the world champions is called the Carl Miller Trophy.

Oscar  J. Kneubuehler

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