May 14, 2013

Aspendos Rotary Golf Tournament


Turkish IGFR Golf championship

Belek/Antalya/Turkey - 6th to 10th May 2013


Hakan Duran, President of the Golf Committee of the Aspendos (Antalya) Rotary Club organized the tournament with great care and exemplary hospitality. Hakan Duran was the Chairman of the organizing committees for the World and European Championships in Belek. He will be in May 2015 again Chairman of the Organizing committee of the IGFR world championship.
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This year also he offered us great golfing weather, almost too hot during the firstdays . The participants from Scotland and Switzerlanddid appreciate this fine weather contrasting nicely with the almostwinterly conditions in Europe during spring time.  Twice, Hakan managed to get all participants invited to the Ladies European Tour Tournament Golf event which took place on the National Golf course in Belek (one of the thoughest, but also prettiest among the 16 golf courses in Belek.

During the excellent dinners we had opportunities of getting to know the ups and downs of the playing lady pros.  A somptous dinner at the Hedera Restaurant of the Cornelia Resort Hotel and the price distribution ended a fine week of golf and fellowship in Europe’s biggest golf resort (another 6 courses are projected or under constructions). 

Next year the Aspendos golf tournament will very likely be held in October, which is one of the good months for playing golf in Belek. The winners of the tournament : Hasan Dulagil Cup – Carya Golf ClubWinner : Sandy Mitchell, 35 points netRunner up : Oscar J.Kneubuehler, 33 points net. Aspendos Golf Tournament (Turkish IGFR championship)Winner : Emre Bahtoglu, RC AspendosRunner up : Sandy Mitchell, St. Andrews

Photography description:
Diner at the Restaurant Hedera of Cornelia Resort Hotel in BelekLe 10.5.2013 – 28°C at 10 p.m. at the pool side :
Front left : Hakan Duran2nd from left : Husband of 3rd Rot. Sezun <Uzuner, RC Aspendos4th : Mrs. Wendy Mitchell
Rigth side on the table :Front : Mrs. Elma Low 2nd : Emre Bahtoglu, champion 2013 3rd : Bill Low 4th : Mrs. H. Duran

Belly dancer at the LET evening at the National Golf club in full swing on the 7.5.13

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