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Estoril 2013


Hereafter, you will find some souvenir photographs handing over the LT certificates during the opening ceremony of the IGFR European Championship in Estoril vom

18.6. – 21.6.2013 :
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IGFR European Championship in Estoril/Portugal
Opening Ceremony 18.6.2013

Pres. S. Tanaka becomes Honory Life time member of IGFR

International  (International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians

For the first time IGFR is honored with the presence of the RI President together with other high officials from RI at a major IGFR Championship.

President Tanaka is Golfer (15 Hcp.), but decided not to play Golf during his

year of Presidency.

In the past we had other Presidents of RI attending certain functions of

Major IGFR champion ships, but since the inception of IGFR International in St. Andrews 50 years ago, with Carl Miller as Founder President (at that time also  President of RI) and Gavin Rikie, then DG of D 100 (including St. Andrews and also Founder member of IGFR, we had no longer the pleasure and honor to welcome a RI President at a major IGFR Championship.

President S. Tanaka and his wife  were heading the opening ceremony on the

18.6.13 at the Palacio Hotel in Estoril/Portugal with a powerful RI Delegation consisting of  President RI S. Tanaka  and his wife,

Vice President 2012/2013 Kenneth M. Schuppert and wife

RI Board member 2010/2013, Yash P. Das (IGFR - LT member) and wife

Oscar J.Kneubuehler, Executive Secretary  IGFR International had the privilige and honor to name President S. Tanaka,


Pres. Tanaka thanked for this nomination and promised to attend in the future IGFR Championships which are forstering Fellowship.

We are looking forward to welcome Pres. Tanaka at major IGFR championships. He received the IGFR blazer crest and an IGFR Golf Glove as sign of IGFR’s recognition.

Pres. Tanaka accepted to hand over  IGFR Life time certifcates to the following Rot Members :

PDG Trevor Johnson, London

Rot. George William Egaddu

Rot. Alfonso Passera, Lugano/Switzerland

Rot. Peter McMillan, Great Britain

Rot. Robert Meier, Austria

Rot. Rudolf Renner, Germany

Rot. Franz Riha, Germany


These gentlemen have become LT members of IGFR during recent months. To be noted that we have approx. 50 new IGFR LT members per year.

The recipients of the LT certificate were very surprised and pleased to receive the

certificate from the hands of the world president of RI. We will try in the future that

all new LT members of IGFR will be given the certificate by the President of RI or a high RI official, present at an IGFR Championship.

Thanks to the RI convention which took place immediately after the European Championship in Lissabon, we had many participants at the 2013 European Championship who would not attend the championship without the possibility to combine it with the RI convention. In 2014 the IGFR world championship in Adelaide/Australia will end just before the beginning of the RI convention in Sydney.

IGFR is proud to contribute also some participants to the RI conventions.

Those who have made the IGFR European Championship a great event :
From left top right : Romano Motta and Gaston Barras, President IGFR Europe and member of IGFR International.

Yash P.Das in high spirit.

Cheered by the participants at the opening ceremony :
From left to right : Mrs. Manju Das ; Yash P. Das ; Mrs. Schuppert

From left to right : Pres. S. Tanaka ; Fernando Oliveira, Chairman of the OrganizingCommittee
IGFR European Championship 2013
Pres. S. Tanaka thanking for the IGFR LT member ship

«Oscar J. Kneubuehler, executive secretary IGFR International,
declaring Pres. S. Tanaka, Honory Life Time Member of IGFR »

The VP RI Kenneth M. Schuppert apparently satisfied with the event

Pres. S. Tanaka showing to the participants the IGFR LT certificate

Pres. S. Tanaka receiving the IGFR LT membership cerificate from Oscar J. Kneubuehler

Pres. S. Tanaka receiving the IGFR Blazer crests and the IGFR golf glove from the hands of Oscar J Kneubuehler.

PDG Trevor Johnson from London in good spirit when announced that he is now IGFR LT member

Pres. Tanaka handing over to PDG Trevor Johnson the IGFR LT member certificate

PP George William Eggadu from Kampala/Uganda receiving the IGFR LT certificate from. Pres. S. Tanaka.

Peter Mcmillan from Scottland receiving the IGFR LT membership certificate from Pres.Tanaka

Robert Meier from Austria and IGFR European Champion 2013 receiving the LT certificate from RI World President, S. Tanaka, the LT membership certificate

Alfonso Passera from Lugano/Switzerland receiving the LT membership certificate

Rudolf Renner from Germany receiving the LT membership certificate from the hands of the President RI, S. Tanaka.

Franz Riha from Germany getting the IGFR LT membership certificate from Pres. S. Tanaka

The new IGFR LT members together with from left to right, bottom line :
Yash P. Das, board member RI 2010-2013 ; Kenneth M. Schuppert, Vice President RI 2012/2013 ; Pres. S. Tanaka.

DGN El Jilali Antari from Casablanca/Morocco, Vice President of the Organizing Committee
IGFR European Championship 2015 introduced by Oscar J. Kneubuehler to Pres. S. Tanaka
(to be noted that Morocco is from a Rotary Golfing point of you part of Europe)

From left to right : Yash P.Das : Pres. S. Tanaka ; Oscar J. Kneubuehler, Ex. Secretary IGFR International; Fernando Oliveira, Pres. of the organizing committee 2013 IGFR European Championship and member of the board of IGFR International

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