Situation: March 2017

Mar 27, 2017

At the end of the year 2016, we had some 1000 paying members + approx. 600 partners who take regularly part in World Championship and other IGFR Championships. This represents a small increase over 2015.

Most of the members are now Lifetime members. There are about 8 % Lady Rotarians. The percentage of Lady Rotarians is on the increase.

Criteria for membership:
To be Rotarian and member of a golf association.
No age or Hcp. limit.

Membership Fees:
Membership fees for 2017 remain the same as in 2016.
Lifetime (LT) membership fee (once and for all payment) : USD 230.00 or € 195.00.
Annual membership fee : USD 35.00 or € 25.00. The first 3 annual fees are payable at the beginning, from then on annually. Bank transfer charges are for the account of the member.
Annual membership fees are due at the beginning of the year and are for the calendar year.
N.B.: Members aged 80 years or over are exempted from paying annual membership fees.

Please keep us informed about any changes (address, email, phone number, Hcp, etc.), by sending us an email to :
Your email address is particularly important. Without a valid email address, we cannot reach you anymore. Thanks to emails, we are able to save major communication expenses and we can communicate much faster.
Please also draw this to the attention of other IGFR members.

Please check our website for additional information: We are regularly updating this web page providing you with all the information of important Rotary Golf tournaments.

We wish all new members, having joined us recently, a warm welcome and an excellent Fellowship.

Oscar J. Kneubuehler
Executive Secretary IGFR International

end of 2017


paying members



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