News from interim secretary Omer Yalkin

Dear Fellow Golfing Rotarian,

Clock is ticking at a faster pace as we are approaching WC Talinn starting on 8th of July …
I am sure we will all return from Talinn with outstanding memories of a life time. Urmas Isok and his team has put a wonderful program for July 8 through 14th when you will not only hit the slopes at wonderful courses of EGCC&Niitvalja GC, but also enjoy beautiful old city Talinn and the hospitality of our Estonian friends and the fellowship. I am sure that those who will not be able to attend will miss a lot of joyful moments. After Talinn, in late September, we will all be at Rimini Italia for the European Championship where Maestro Oddi and his team will take over and surely organize an excellent venue.

The executive board of IGFR is making the efforts to transform this fellowship of more than 1040 members to a more transparent, interactive organization catching the latest in the changing digital environment and social media. You will soon be informed about changes in our new website but please join us in our Facebook page and do not hesitate to get in touch to share your views and comments.

I would like to finish this foreword by recognizing Oscar Kneubuhler, who , in his capacity of executive secretary , has contributed a lot to IGFR during his tenure. We all wish him to get well soon and join us in our future events. Ms. Francine Kruyt is taking over Oscar’s position starting 2019 and I am confident that she will do an excellent job in perfecting our website and teaming with our incoming president Friedhelm Zanella.
See you all very soon in Talinn and Rimini.

Omer Yalkin

June 1st 2018


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