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Introduction Francine Kruyt in Victoria

I would like to introduce myself with some facts and figures, although as a female I will leave out the numbers concerning my age.

My name is Francine Kruyt and I am from the Netherlands.

I was born in Singapore and have a Dutch nationality with a cosmopolitan background. As a child I lived abroad in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Great-britain, Japan and Argentina. Later in life I also lived some time in Belgium and in Australia.

For more than 20 years I have been a Rotarian. Rotary has become an essential part of our lives.

My classification is medicine. I am a physician, specialised in geriatrics. I have practised medicine for 33 years in hospitals throughout the Netherlands. I have done this work with a lot of pleasure and passion, as well as I found an intellectual challenge in it. Since 15 months I am retired.

About 20 years ago I started to play golf and soon became a member of the Dutch Golfing Fellowship of Rotary. I have been an IGFR lifetime member since the World Championships in Paris 2010.
I feel honoured to have been asked to join the IGFR board. Thanks to Jan den Hartog, former IGFR board member and organisor of the WC in Rotterdam last year, also thanks to Ben Ruys the president of the Dutch Golfing Fellowship of Rotary and Oscar Kneubuhler, executive secretary of the IGFR for introducing and proposing me for the board. Maybe proposing me for this function, being a geriatrician, has something to do with the starting of a senior tournament of the igfr in 2018? Who knows? Anyway, I am looking forward to join the board of IGFR. We must keep this wonderful event and golfing fellowship going on.

Last but not least. My husband Jan Brehm and I would like to thank all the Rotarians and volunteers for hosting this event in Victoria. You all have done a wonderful job.It has been a splendid week, thank you very much!

Francine Kruyt, member of the Board IGFR since Augustus 2017

The Netherlands
Rotary Club Breda-Zuid District 1610
Classification: Medicine

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