Dear Rotary Golf Friend!
We have for a long time been trying to improve our website. The first stage is complete and now during our meeting in Nyon Switzerland on 18th and 19th April, an additional post has been released to expand our information processes using the latest technical means. A good thing takes time (old German saying).
All our country representatives send in their information for our website.

Since I assumed office, it has been important to me to continue to relay information about the duties of the Board and the Executive Committee to our members. Unfortunately this has not yet been successful.

From now on we will be sending out a Newsletter to all members 4 times a year via e-mail. We will also provide you with information and in turn expect to receive suggestions from members with regard to how we can improve and gain new members.

This work has taken a long time, and it has not been easy to meet all requirements and find a common denominator.

With the input of Werner Luidolt (Austria) our webmaster and  Francine Kruyt (the Netherlands) this task would not have been so well dealt with.

I would very much like to thank both of them for their patience and work.

Gerhard Resch
President IGFR