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THE 55th ROTARY GOLF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 | Tallin | Estonia: 

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Tallinn (Estonia) hosted the 55th IGFR World Championships 09-13.July 2018. With this event Estonia also celebrated 100 years of independence.
The organizing committee, being exactly the same as at 2011 IGFR European Championships in Tallinn, was in difficulties as the expectations after 2011 great success were very high and we did not like to repeat the event at 2011, especially the golf opera and gala dinner in the National Opera House. This time we decided to be a little more modern and also provide participants a nice evening programme in addition to golf.

Totally participated 97 Rotarians and 40 partners.

Sunday evening started with flag raising, IGFR meeting, players meeting, musical entertainment by “La La Ladies” and dinner. Monday evening all participants had an opportunity to visit local Rotarians for “Home Hospitality” or “Know the Locals”, as it was called in the programme. On Tuesday night we were visiting Sea Harbour Museum and enjoyed a presentation about e- residency of Estonia, an nice dinner was included. Friday night started with Golf Opera followed by gala dinner and awarding. All this was a great success.

The golf courses of Estonian Golf & Country Club (EGCC) and Niitvälja Golf Club were in excellent condition and so was the weather, except Friday at EGCC where we had to terminate the third day of the competition due to thunder. The game was stopped twice and we were unable to play till the end. 2 rounds were counting for the first, third and vet division playing at EGCC. 3 rounds for second division playing at Niitvälja GC.

The World Champion is Źelimir Feitl from Croatia and he will also hold the Carl Miller Trophy till Hamburg 2019. The Nations Cup winner was Estonia.
Thank you all for coming to Estonia and see you in Hamburg next year!

Urmas Isok, OC chairman.


“Congratulations Zelimir! “
“I started playing golf at 52 years of age. Because Croatia didn’t have a golf course before. In the last month or so before the WC in TalIinn I practiced and played golf at our golf course in Zagreb a little more frequent than usual.
It was not easy to win, it was a big fight with Mr. Anderson from US the last day of the tournament. I’m sorry that the last day was canceled due to the rain, where both of us had a pretty good score, him 80 and myself 78.”

“When is your next tournament Zelimir?”
“It will be next year in Hamburg, but I will be playing for the Croatia 55+ team beginning of August in Finland for the European Championship.”

“What do you think IGFR must change?”
“All of us together need to work to attract more youth to Rotary clubs which will automatically create more younger golf players who will be joining these kind of tournaments in the future.”

“Thank you very much for your time Zelimir and a good round in Finland.”

Zelimir Feitl


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