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IGFR-International invites you to the 58th edition of the International golf championship in the beautiful and sunny city of Rome, Italy. 

July  2 - 7 2023 

With its endless blue skies and history, Rome represents an ideal golfing location for the 2023 IGFR-International World Championship. Its golf courses are beautifully designed and several of them offer breath taking view. We have already pre-selected four of the most spectacular golf clubs for you:

– Marco Simone Golf Club: This golf course is designed to be a real golf-stadium that will host the most important international golf event in 2023:  The Ryder Cup.

Acquasanta Golf Club:  The Roma Acquasanta Golf Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Italy, the first document certifying the existence of the Roma Golf Club is dated January 12,1903. The course is extremely demanding, the hilly terrain has allowed for holes with a considerable level of difficulty, and its ups and downs will also test the athleticism of the players. But what characterizes this course is the undeniable charm of the area in which it is located, some holes are then particularly sceni and give the golfers great pleasure in playing them. 

Castle Gandolfo Golf Club: A mansion built in the seventeenth century overlooks the crater of an extinct volcano.  The residence, originally commissioned by Cardinal Flavio Chigi, is now considered the most charming club house among golf clubs. The crater, thanks to the creative flair of Robert Trent Jones Sr, has been transformed into a challenging golf course, full of intriguing technical features. The naturally laid ground has been endowed with one hundred and one tricks among centenarian olive trees, oaks and cluster pines. The balcony of the club house offers a fascinating and complete panorama of the course.  The 18 holes can be embraced in a single look, giving the feeling of an intimate and evocative atmosphere, while four centuries of history provide protection within the walls of the club house and the seafront shines in the background. In the charming halls as well as the delightful garden of the terrace takes place the performance of our chef of the restaurant, who recipes of revisited regional cuisine fulfill the gusto of every guest.

Parco Dei Medici Golf Club: In this residence Pope Leo X lived with his court of men of letters, musicians and artists.  It was therefore the memory of that fabulous period spent by the Medici Pope in this residence that suggested to the promoters of the neighboring tourist recreational complex to give it the name "Parco de Medici".  Ten minutes by care from Fiumicino international airport, between the motorway and the Tiber river, inside the Grande Raccordo Anulare - the motorway ring that encircles the city of Rome - on an area of about 100 hectares, there is the tourist and recreational complex called "Parco de' Medici", characterized by a 27-hole golf course with a welcoming clubhouse.  But let's cross the motorway again and take Viale Salvatore Rebecchini to the entrance of the golf club.  The golf complex was built in 1990 reclaiming a completely flat and barren area to accommodate what was supposed to be Rome's great seaplane, a project that was never completed and then finally abandoned. 

Not only will this championship permit an amazing golfing experience but also the discovery of an ideal and historic destination.  

The program for non-golfers will make the most of all of sites in Rome and it's surroundings. 

More information to come over the next few months.

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